The Red Velvet Chair

(Awaiting Illustration)

Young Ricky McWhirter has a ghoulish fascination for stories of death and murder, which he reads late at night, sunk into his favourite chair. But tonight’s story makes even Ricky shudder, and the victim isn’t nearly as far away as he imagines…

Think: Dr Seuss meets Edward Gorey

How it begins:

This is the story of Ricky McWhirter,

whose greatest delight was the bloodiest murder.

From morning till night he would sit in his chair –

a high-backed, red velvet, old-fashioned affair –

and there he would read of the ghastliest deaths,

of people whose lives, or whose last worldly breaths

were famed for their horror, or brutality;

the more that they suffered, the greater his glee.